Seagoville, Texas

Seagoville’s History

Local Traditions
T.K. Seago was the town’s first settler that bears his name was established in 1876. (1836-1904). Mr. Seago opened the first store in the neighborhood after clearing his land of thick forest. Two hundred dollars worth of food and other dry things were all he had on hand. It is documented that Mr. Seago was the postmaster of Seago in 1881 and remained in the area until at least 1883. Since leaving this area, Mr. Seago has made his home in Comanche, Texas, where he serves as the county representative for Comanche County.

There is a Brinegar School
Around 1867, Brinegar School opened as Seago’s first educational institution. A single-room log structure with benches fashioned from individual logs. It is believed that the school stood close to the current site of Heard Park. Professor J.T. Doss constructed the subsequent school structure in 1880. Unfortunately, a wooden frame caught fire and was lost in 1909. On the Kaufman Street location now occupied by Seagoville Elementary School, a brick high school structure was constructed in 1910. Don’t forget to learn about Mobile City, Texas too.

The Hub of the Trail
With the arrival of the T & NO Railroad in 1880, Seago quickly developed into a flourishing transportation hub. In a significant way, this meant that residents of rural areas no longer needed to travel to Lawson to pick up their mail. The farmers could now use the train to transport their cotton and other crops to Dallas, saving time and effort over using carts. In addition, there were locks on the Trinity River a few miles south of the City that river ships could use to bring supplies before the railroad arrived. Parts of the waves can be observed even during extreme drought.

In the footsteps of Seago and Seagoville
In 1883, the City’s first formal plat was submitted in Dallas County Deed Records, and in 1926, after Seagoville was incorporated as a city, a second plat was filed. In 1910, the U.S. Post Office added the “Ville” to “Seago” to distinguish it from another Texas city with the same name.

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