Royse, Texas

Our mission is to maintain a small-town feel, serve our neighbors through accountable leadership, and supply a secure setting in order to improve the lives of our residents.

A. Garrett Burgess The City’s Founder, Griffin Royse

Byrd Royse, or Garrett Burgess Griffin Royse, was born to William and Mary Stone Royse on January 31, 1838, in Adair County, Kentucky. There were a total of 14 kids, and he was the seventh.

Approximately in the year 1850, Mr. Royse’s future grandmother-in-law and her sons purchased a number of plots of land that would become Royse City. He wed the granddaughter of Mrs. McCasland on August 8th, 1880. They stayed together until Mr. Royse’s untimely passing in 1928. It had been seven years since Mrs. Nancy Royse had passed away. Don’t forget to learn about Highland Park, Texas here too.

In or around 1886, Mr. Royse sold the first town lot to Alf Reese and his nephew Albert Royse after platting the town. The MK&T Railroad line connecting Greenville and Dallas was built through Rockwall County around the same time, with Mr. Royse’s help. According to family lore, Mr. Royse told the MK&T Railroad that he would give them land for a station free of charge so long as they called it Royse City.

Once the lots were sold and the price of land in and around Royse City rose, the Royse family sold their share and moved to Oklahoma during the 1893 Land Rush, along with an estimated 100,000 other people. In Custer County, not too far from Foss, Oklahoma, Mr. Royse acquired a sizeable plot. It was Mr. Royse’s and his wife’s home until their passing. Both of their bodies rest in the Stafford

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